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We all want something to keep our drinks at desired temperatures for a long time without changing their taste. Afterall, we are all coffee lovers, yet we couldn’t find a single bottle/mug that loves our coffee as much as we do. So what did we do? We created one!

Titanium is a safe material. It is the only metal that has no effect on human autonomic and taste nerves. It is recognized as a non-toxic and non-allergenic element and has good compatibility with the human body. It is used in human implant fields, such as artificial bones, cardiac membrane stents, porcelain teeth, etc., and does not cause rejection! In fact, because titanium is non-reactive with the human body, surgeons use it frequently.

Titanium will neither smell bad nor affect the taste of your drink as algae and bacteria cannot grow on its surface. This will ensure the cleanliness and overall health of your drink. It is as strong as steel, but as light as aluminum. Titanium is completely biocompatible with no leaching or corroding to worry about. It will never rust.

We worked on the fabrication of affordable titanium bottles with excellent quality. We call our products Ti Bottles. While they are strong, well-designed, and durable, their price is almost half that of the titanium mugs available in the market.

Why everyone needs a Ti bottle?
  • No horrible plastic or iron taste. Keeps the taste very clean

  • Fully metal

  • Chemical and acid resistant

  • Non-toxic and resistant to corrosion

  • Built to last, extremely durable and versatile

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