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We are a small but motivated team looking to help people have healthier and easier life.

We established Fit for Future Inc. in December 2018 to gather a group of well-educated people with different backgrounds and many years of experience in research and development, engineering, operation, and marketing.


From the first day of its existence, the company was active in the area of design and engineering to come up with innovative ideas. We have built a great network of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and manufacturers around the world who joined together to make a healthy lifestyle affordable and environmental friendly. We are putting together our great passion, creativity, experiences, capabilities and resources to create unique and efficient products.

Our Team


Mohammadali is a co-founder at Fit for Future Inc. He has PhD in Chemical Engineering with over ten years of experience in project management, R&D, and engineering. Before establishing Fit for Future Inc., he worked in different small and large companies in oil and gas and renewable energies industries with a major focus on product development.



Sara is a co-founder at Fit for Future Inc. She has a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with extensive experience in telecommunication and information services. She worked with several start-up and large companies and has over 6 years of experience in product development. She has also experience in working closely with customers to better understand their needs and to support them after delivering a product.

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